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Executive Summary Hong Kong is believed the world best location in the world to startup a foreign business. Due to Hong Kong provide a clean business-friendly environment, a stable government fiscal and the advantage of its location. In addition, with the sustainable growth of the GDP and the simple tax system with its low tax rate which made it an attractive place for investment. However, the highly polluted environment and the over-heated real estate would be a big concern for Hong Kong government. In addition, the dependence on land sales revenue should have to reduce if Hong Kong government wants to achieve a long- term fiscal sustainability. The table below clarifies that different level and different type of risk shown from this evaluation and analysis report, reveals that overall risk are in the low level of risk, except for the real-estate and environment risk. Therefore, Australian investor should expected the business operate in Hong Kong would be fairly and equally treated. However, due to the culture difference, that although Hong Kong is a mixed in high and low context culture compare to China and Japan, the minor culture barrier still remain.

| |Type of risk |Level of risk |
|Factors |- Political system |Low |
| |- Legal system |Low |
| |- Economic system |Low |
| |- Economic status, stability, other relevant variables |Low |
| |-...

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