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“Apple Case Assignment”
(1)Do you agree or disagree that Apple’s iTunes, iPhone apps, iPad apps give the company a competitive advantage? Be sure to justify your answer. Yes, I agree that Apple’s iTunes, iPhone apps, iPad apps give the company a competitive advantage. Apple let outsiders offer software for the iPhone and in less than 6 months, more than 10,000 applications had been created. Also, more than 15,000 applications are available at its app store section of iTunes, and they have been downloaded a total of 500 million times. Now, many of the iPhone apps are available for the iPad. Moreover, the unique feature of Apple’s competitive advantage is that they come from customers and users, not employees .All of the above data and facts can justify that those apps have a competitive advantage among.

(2)Why are data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge important to Apple? Give an Example of each type in relation to the iPad. Through the strategic use of data, information, business intelligence and knowledge , Apple is able to track the use of it and programs to see if they are being accepted and used by many consumers , or don’t attract attention and fail. Another reason that reason that data and information are very important to Apple is that having the ability to show outside accessory and app companies the usage of Apple products in comparison to others .When Apple can provide statistics that show tablet users download more apps on the iPad than other tablets, the creation of accessories for the iPad is more attractive to potential companies. This in turn can result in a larger accessory selection available for the iPad as opposed to other similar tablet devices.

(3)Analyze Apple using Porter’s Five Forces Model. Through its Macintosh computers and operating...

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