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Using Organization Methodologies and IT
To Resurrect Montgomery Ward’s
Margie Coltrin
Mylien Nguyen Tran
Humaira Ameer
University of Phoenix

Organizational Theory CMGT 320
John Fritz
23 February 200


Montgomery Wards was a legacy company that couldn't seem to shake the tendency to go bankrupt in its later years. They had communication problems between departments. They were also unable to keep up with trends in consumer preferences and technology. The professional team of MGHM Enterprises took on the challenge of resurrecting Montgomery Wards into the new and improved company, Arron's (the first name of Ward). By using IT, foreign and virtual investors, and by flattening the organizations structure, the team was able to put together a plan to make Arron's productive once again. The newest innovation to Arron's is the incorporation of an e-business where the consumer is able to conduct business online. This added to the new look, business principles, and innovative mind-set has made Arron's into a competitive marketing enterprise.

Using Organization Methodologies and IT
To Resurrect Montgomery Ward’s
Montgomery Ward, an American retail merchandising company, founded in Chicago in August 1872 by Aaron Montgomery Ward was a pioneer company selling merchandise directly to the people, it invented the “mail-order catalog” business. Montgomery Ward was famous for coining the phrase, “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.” It also was the creator of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”. (Montgomery Ward’s Last Chapter). Montgomery Ward’s management lacked foresight and lost major market share to Sears, who has been their rival competitor since shortly after the inception of the company. In the year 2000 Montgomery Wards faced serious business problems and was forced to close its doors. We will analyze the…...