The Rhetorical Triangle

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The Rhetorical Triangle

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Romeo McIver

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This paper will discuss the effectiveness and the differences of the two videos I viewed; “The Heart Truth for Women” and “Create the Life You Love” by BeautiControl. I will explain whether or not they were successful or not successful in their presentation, provide examples why one video presentation was more effective.

The term rhetoric is used to describe the effectiveness of language and how incorporating certain aspects into writing and speech can lead to improved clarity and persuasion. If used correctly, rhetoric should include ethos, pathos, and logos, also known as the rhetorical triangle, in order to have a well rounded argument. Although opinions on the 'real' definition of rhetoric differ, overall it means correct usage of structure, argument, and support to create an overall understanding of the point the writer or speaker is trying to convey.

Both videos were very informative; Create the Life You Love speaker was very clear on the subject of flexibility and financial freedom of women creating their own destiny with opportunities that are truly limitless. The video was very successful because the speaker was energetic while explaining about the different lifestyles you can have, the friendships you make when you become part of the organization, the extra income you can make, the balancing of home life and a punch the clock job, how good you will feel about yourself with the extra earnings, fulfillment and empowerment of taking control of your life. This one was more effective to me, the audience…...