The Rhetorical Triangle

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The Rhetorical Triangle
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The Rhetorical Triangle
In getting to know the Rhetorical Triangle one must understand the three parts and how they are used in presentations. The following text uses two videos as examples of presentations and how the triangle fits within each one.
For some time I have been searching for a new helmet that has many features for a great price. Motorcycle Superstore (MS) offer all lines of helmets at reasonable prices with videos and reviews that describe many of them. The speaker in this video was Mr. Harry McPherson, a sales representative for Nolan Helmets. Overall he did a great job in convincing me that he had knowledge of the product by presenting it with a strait foreword and informative presentation with little stutter or mistakes. He was wearing a professional looking shirt that gave off a knowledgeable sense of the product from the start. The vocabulary used in describing the product was top notch and very commanding. The situation in this case was describing the features, manufacturer and nature of a helmet that was in a room setting that gave focus on the product with no other items to take the attention away from it. The situation in this presentation included some close-ups that caught my attention. With myself being the audience, or any prospective buyer, had no trouble interpreting the message being conveyed by the speaker. Each element fit together very well and the video was successful in convincing me of a great product (McPherson, H. 2012).
In contrast to the previous video the second selected was an instructional on landing an airplane. The Instructor Josh Kallenberg, the speaker in the triangle, displayed a sense of knowledge in flying aircraft by giving his background at the beginning of the video. The situation of conveying a message on how to land an…...