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The Riot Grrl Rhetoric

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Everyone must have the right to be treaty equal. During generations, there have been people trying to accomplish equal rights. Doctor Martin Luther king fought for the right of black people. The song “Bikini kill” help to found the third wave feminist movement know, as the Riot Grrl, which was eventually a feminist discourse community. Both Martin Luther King and The Riot Grrrls use rhetoric as the power to persuade their audience to stand up against the abuse that people face in their daily bases by connecting with them. America has always struggled with the problem of racism. However, the problem that we currently see, such as “Make America great again” Another problem that America and the rest of the world are dealing with is feminism. …show more content…
Rhetoric is composed of six different characteristics. In the article " An overview of Rhetoric" by James A. Herrick. The first one is planned; this means that the writer of an article will direct our attention to the ways people address their audience. The second one is the audience; a rhetor must always think about the audience that he will be addressing. Some writers will use imaginary audiences in order to plan their speech, article, and even art. The third one is the motivation; "Rhetoric is closely related to the concern for the audience." (Herrick 10) The fourth one is responsive to a situation; Rhetoric typically is a respond to a political issue. This includes welfare, a religious conflict, and suicide. Rhetoric seeks for persuasion and that is the fifth characteristic of rhetoric; if use correctly. Rhetoric can persuade their audience with an idea. For example, when someone gets a ticket and tries to fight it at court, the main goal of that person is to persuade the jurors that he is innocent. The last characteristic of rhetoric is contingent issues which mean. Rhetoric is a method where people advocate their ideas in order to raise awareness to the public of an outgoing issue. Doctor Martin Luther King was one of them. With his speeches, Doctor King raised awareness of the racism that black was facing day by

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