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The Rising Epedemic Among Black Women in America

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The Rising AIDS Epidemic amongst African American Females

By Shameka L. Weathersby

Department of Sociology

Mississippi College

The Abstract

Our country is faced with so many challenges wars, financial meltdown, and the growing threat of the AIDS epidemic. More than 56,000 people in this country contract HIV every year. AIDS was once thought to be a white epidemic that accounted for a high percentage around the 1980’s until the late 1990’s. Today it is worst among African Americans who represent nearly half of all new HIV infections, including two-thirds of the new cases among women and 70 percent of the new cases among adolescents. In researching African American accounted for the greatest percentage for cases diagnosed among males (44%) and the majority of cases among females (68%) among the ages 20-40 years old. AIDS clearly has affected certain groups more than others have. This study of AIDS among black women has caused concern in attitudes, health awareness, and beliefs when expressed by the community level. In interviewing three women and the AIDS, association we found that education alone is not a solutions but the changing the ways of thinking can produce a better outcome. This paper describes the practical usefulness of qualitative research in HIV/AIDS prevention education.


Over the past 20 years, we have heard of new diseases like Ebola virus, lime disease, chronic disease but among these new diseases, AIDS has become the most devastating. AIDS is defined by a set of symptoms suggestive of the end stages of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. It is characterized by a loss of immunity against otherwise nonthreatening diseases. The virus infects certain cells of the immune system and can directly affect the brain. Infected persons remain in good health for many months to years before illness develops. Infected...

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