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The Risks of Resisting Change

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The Risks of Resisting Change
Author Rachel Blount is a writer for the Star Tribune, in Minneapolis Minnesota. The article she wrote is titled: Despite tragedies, hockey reformer finds resistance to change. The author attempts to show how the play of hockey on the younger scope is not healthy, safe, nor productive.
Despite the overwhelming evidence of tragedies in youth hockey in Minnesota; parents and hockey fans resist any safety changes on that level. One lone parent in the state of Minnesota is trying to change the mindset of lifelong hockey fans. The author has shown the enthusiasm that the fans have for the children that are under the age of 15 years old are slamming each other into the wall of the ice rink. This has been a common practice since the peewee leagues. The players are encouraged by fans, parents, coaches, and other players that this is what is expected in hockey.
Rachel mentioned that two teenagers were paralyzed in the hospital from being injured playing hockey. Spectators see that as tragic but part of the game of hockey. She also mentioned how one person, Hal Tearse, which is a boys' varsity coach at Providence Academy -- and as chairman of the safety committee and coach-in-chief for Minnesota Hockey is fighting to change some safety rules. He advocated a USA Hockey proposal to delay checking until age 13, he was met with outrage from a majority determined to preserve the spectacle of 11-year-olds smashing into each other.
The author also stated that by cheering on the smashing of body that suppose to be called “checking” has robbed the youth of proper skill sets. Checking is to separate an opponent from the puck. That has been lost on too many adults, who see it as a means to intimidate, injure an opponent or ignite the crowd. They pass that attitude on to children, who see it reinforced by their NHL heroes. The referees are often criticized for trying to enforce some rules which put them in a position of not enforcing all the rules which also confusing the young players.
The author has shown how young hockey players are getting injured, even paralyzed by trying to play like their NHL idols. The fact that children can and are getting hurt is evident. Rachel hasn’t really shown how the young hockey players are not gaining useful skill sets. I feel that Rachel could have gotten the point of view from the injured players, parents and coaches. The percentage injuries to youth playing hockey in the state of Minnesota would have helped support the point of how fans are resisting the safety change. Spectators probably have only seen one or two children ever get seriously hurt. Maybe, that is why they are so resistant.
I feel that if a scientific study could have support the paper more than just a report of Hal Tearse. I understand that this is just an article from a newspaper but I feel that the story would have grasped the attention of the readers. Also it could have been a help in pushing the safety concerns over the top to help rescue the mindsets of the fans, parents, coaches, and players of youth hockey in Minnesota. (Blount, 2012)

Blount, R. (2012, January 10). Despite tragedies, hockey reformers finds resistance to change

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