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The Road to Hell Case

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1. During a vital final interview of John Baker, an European English expatriate and chief engineer of the Caribbean Bauxite Company of Barracania in West Indies who was about to leave its current position because of a promotion, and Matthew Rennalls, a young Barracanian who was his prominent successor, John Baker made the mistake to unintentionally insult to Rennalls, by made him feel ashamed and betrayed in trying to make him understand that the European commercial environment is much better than his Barracanian commercial environment just because there is gab from 200 or 300 years of experience by the Europeans compared with only 50 years of the Barracanian experience. Baker also reproached Rennalls that is friendlier and gets along better with his fellow Barracanians than with Europeans. Baker, based on appearance of some attitude taken by Rennalls, has the strong believe that Rennalls has a racial prejudice, and the worst thing is that he feels disappointed and frustrated because Rennalls denies that this is true. Baker did not know very well in that moment that for the Barracanians, the issue of race and the European alleged superiority was a big deal for them. And this is something that chiefs and executives must have always clear when they are working in host countries, they must know perfectly the values, beliefs and cultures of these countries. So, in consequence, Baker did not realize this mistake when it occurred because he did not think that he was saying anything wrong, on the contrary, he thought that by making that comparison, he was doing a great thing in his goal of making understand Rennalls that he was behaving inappropriately with some expatriates coworkers of him.
2. With Runnells’s resignation, Baker has a huge problem now, and one that he must fix as soon as possible, if not he will not be able to leave his position as he had expected. This...

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