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When attempting to explain the role of diversity in any subject there must be a realization that it most likely will not come down to one factor. There are many factors that involves the role of diversity such as race, gender, religion, culture and some many others. In America, diversity is rich and allows for many different points of views, creations, and interpretations. When discussing the arts in the 20th century, this remains to be true. So also, when discussing the role of women and their influence on the various arts.
At the turn of the century things began to change for women. They gradually developed in to more active social roles such as education in the arts. Art schools began to accept more women thus opening the doors to more diversity in the art world. Now there would be a woman’s point of view in painting, photography, sculpting architecture and so on. One great example of an extremely successful woman of the arts is photographer Margaret Bourke-White. She was first woman to work for life magazine, the first photographer allowed to take pictures of the Soviet Industry, and the first woman to be permitted to photograph in combat zones.
Ethnic minorities also played a big role in their influence of the arts. One such artist is painter Willem De Kooning. He was influential as an abstract expressionist painter. Born form the Netherlands he came to the U.S. in 1926. Critics would debate whether or not his painting in the 80’s were a bold new change in direction or the loss of his touch resulting from alcohol consumption and Alzheimer’s. De Kooning said (1951) “Art never seems to make me peaceful or pure. I always seem to be wrapped in the melodrama of vulgarity.” ARTNews named him one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

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