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The Role of the Internet in My Life

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The Role of the Internet in My Life
The internet has been an important gear to our ever growing world. Its significance and usage is very important, as well as the number of areas it reached. The discovery enables humankind to have superiority at a click of a mouse, but as it goes with power, consequences are inevitable.
In this modern world, internet had been partnered with devices such as smart phones, multimedia, computers and other electric devices that we have dealt in our everyday lives. Many relies on it that it becomes “the” medium of the future. It has given an enormous impact to one’s life that even kids to these days knows how to use it better than the older people. Internet has its many purposes depending on who they are, what they do and what are they interested about. Not surprisingly, I too is not an exception and that internet had been a part of my life.
The internet provides me a great sources of information that is updated every time something new is coming and that makes it reliable. I can search up books I wanted to read or even order a food I want in other places through delivery services and with the help of search engines like Google and Yahoo, I can view millions of pages of information on my screen by just a click in less than a second.
Entertainment is also good way to relieve stress and enjoy life without worrying. Websites that are popular like Youtube, Vines and 9gag are some sites that will make you laugh hard and be amaze of the talents some people can do. All this is made possible by the internet.
Communication is also improved through applications that allows anyone to communicate across the globe without costing you too much. It’s also a great way to meet new friends without worrying about the time and distance. Therefore, many people nowadays communicate with each other not only via telephone, but also through other means of communication services such as e-mail, SNS, chat and blogs. Globalization is also promoted in here which gives us the opportunity to avail job in other countries, travel in any places and most importantly to help your own country became a nation of wealth.
Education and institutions are also using internet by means of exchanging information for academic purposes and new discoveries in the field to science can be made possible. In addition, students are equip to maximize their knowledge not only inside the class but also outside. An example would be in an online classes or videos uploaded by other people through the internet. It’s a great opportunity to students like me to learn new things. Through this, knowledge is shared and utilized efficiently.

Internet is a wonderful place to look for information, to communicate and to educate. I have been using the Internet in my life for these reasons which are basically based on its convenience in time and distance. Although many people insist on the disadvantages of using the Internet, it really depends on how the person uses it. In my case, just like how it has influenced my life up to now, I believe this will lead me to a better and higher life.

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