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The Role of Zoom Lion in the Management of Solid Waste in the Wa Municipality

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The group hereby declares that except for references to other people’s work, which has been acknowledged, this dissertation is the outcome of our own independent investigation under the supervision of Mr. Sumani John Bosco.


GYAMFI KINGSLEY KWAKU IDS/3498/06 …………………………..

JEBUNI BERNARD IDS/3548/06 ………………………….


YANGFO JACOB IDS/3902/06 …………………………

ZIEM ABRAHAM IDS/3934/06 …………………………


Mr. Sumani John Bosco




This work is dedicated to the parents and relatives of the group members for their love, care, prayers and support.


The group wishes to render its first thanks to the Almighty God without whose divine intervention the work would not have been possible.

We also acknowledge the immense contribution of the chiefs, elders and people of Zanko and Sokpayiri communities who contributed in diverse ways to making our research a successful one.

The group also likes to acknowledge the various contributions by Zoom lion Ghana Ltd, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Wa Municipal Assembly for making available relevant information pertaining to the project.

We are very much grateful to Mr.Sumani John Bosco who supervised this work. We sincerely appreciate his advice, directions, suggestions made towards this work. We are also very thankful...

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