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The Roles of Hr

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Human Resource Department Roles
Audrick Willis
May 8, 2013
Teletha Leonard

Human Resource Department Roles Most organizations today have a human resource deparment. All HR deparments have roles that play for the organization regardless of the type and size. The purpose of the human deparment is to assist the human portion of the company. Its imporant that each organization has a HR deparment that is effiecient and has great quality this benefit the organization is varies ways. The functional roles of the HR deparment are very important towards the human because human are known to be very important to an organization. (Stringer) A very imporant function of the HR deparment is recruiment. The role of the recruiment function is to make sure that they recruit the right people for the job. (Stringer) They also then have made sure the each person they hired is in the correct job postions based upon their skills and abilities. This is a very important job and has a huge impact on the impact because as long as the employee do their jobs correct the organization will be a success. They also help with the interview process testing the employee abilities that they have for the job. Training the employees for the skills that are required for a job is also a functional role of the HR deparment. They have a trainging specialist that teaches the employees the learning objective and methods they need to do their job correctly. (Stringer) Most time the training is for leadership jobs such as supervisors and managers. They have to provide them with correct resources they need to evaluate an employee. They also teach them skill of learnig how to sort each employee based upon their goals for professional growth.
Employee relation is a fuctional role that allows the employee to become closer. They have an HR representaive that provide certain activites that help...

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