The Roles of Human Resource Management

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The Roles of Human Resources
Brandy Feagle
University of Phoenix
Frank Davis
June 07, 2011

Companies and organizations across the globe utilize Human Resource Managers (HRM). Businesses that pertain to the health care industry also utilize HRM’s. The Human Resource Department for an organization may be portrayed as the back bone of the company or business by its employees and staff. The Human Resources Department is responsible for several tasks involving public relations, employee relations, employee recruitment, employee pay wages, employee hours, and multiple administrative tasks. Motivating staff may also play an important role in HR Departments globally. Tasks or assignments do not differ too much from other businesses that do not pertain to the health care industry. Differentiating between health care regulations, ethics, morals, and values is an important trait to understand when deciphering management in the health care industry or management in a normal business setting.
Human Resource Managers in any company must be able to multitask. The management of human resources is of crucial importance in enabling the delivery of efficient and effective services (McHugh, 2007). HRM’s analyze the factors regarding the business or corporation and relay findings to the public. In the health care field, this is an important asset to the business, staff, and the public. Public awareness allows understanding of the problem or issue that is present. If HRM’s recognized and acknowledge problems that are present, a solution can be determined.
Human Resource Managers are also responsible for the employee relations along with public relations. Each business or corporation has different training of policies and procedures that staff must complete. HRM’s are responsible for delegating these tasks. Each employee must meet a…...