The Salivatio of Men

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The Salvation of Men
James F. Cousar
NOVEMBER, 09, 2012
Erin Thomas

The Salvation of Men

Strategies used to convey the idea
A nonfiction short story is way for authors to show the readers a look into an event or emotions they felt happen in their lives...the “On Going Home,” by Joan Didion and “Who Will Light the Incense When Mother’s Gone” by Andrew Lam are the stories I will give a brief summary of the writer’s strategies used to convey their ideas, along with the theme, purpose, and how I personally relate to each story. Finally, there will be a discussion on nonfiction stories and imagination. In Joan Didion’s On Going Home, she express here inner feeling, emotions, and fear of change, while she is stuck in the past. Lam’s “Who will Light the Incense When Mother’s Gone” focus on new traditions and the loss of old traditions.

“On Going Home” is a short story by Joan Didion talks about going back to visit her family home ,the home where she grew up Central Valley of California. Didion talks about the emotions she goes through during her life there and the person she becomes when she is in her family home. She uses imagery and metaphors to describe the events she went through in her family home, and especially when her husband is involved. The family always talked about the same things according to Didion 1968; “we appear to talk exclusively about people we know who have been committed to mental hospitals.” and her husband cannot understand “why (P.620).
“Who Will Light the Incense When Mother’s Gone” is a short story by Andrew Lam a family from Vietnam and the hardship that comes with keeping up with American traditions and keep up with old traditions of the past. Lam’s mother thinks that her son has become too American, a “cowboy.” Lam tells us that “a cowboy in Vietnamese estimation is a rebel who…leaves town…to ride alone in the sunset.”…...