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The Secret of Language Leadership

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More Praise for The Secret Language of Leadership
“Out of the morass of strategies leaders are given to transform organizations, Denning plucks a powerful one—storytelling— and shows how and why it works.”
—Dorothy Leonard, William J. Abernathy Professor of Business, Emerita, Harvard Business School, and author, Deep Smarts: How to Cultivate and Transfer Enduring Business Wisdom

“The Secret Language of Leadership shows why narrative intelligence is central to transformational leadership and how to harness its power.”
—Carol Pearson, director, James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership, University of Maryland, and coauthor, The Hero and the Outlaw

“The Secret Language of Leadership is not only the best analysis I have seen of how and why leaders succeed or fail, it’s highly readable, as well as downright practical. It should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in engaging a company with big ideas who understands that leaders live and die by the quality of what they say.”
—Richard Stone, story analytics master, i.d.e.a.s

“A primary role of leaders is to create and maintain meaning for their organizations. Denning clearly demonstrates that meaningmaking comes from stories well told.”
—Thomas Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of I.T. and Management, Babson College, and author, The Attention Economy

“Steve Denning is one of the leading thinkers on the power of narrative in business settings. His latest book is a smart, useful guide that can help leaders of every kind add value to their organizations and add meaning to their own journeys.”
—Daniel H. Pink, author, A Whole New Mind





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