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The Seung-Hui-Cho: The Virginia Tech Massacre

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On April 16th, 2007, at 7:00 a.m. it started out as a normal school day for Virginia Tech students, as most were preparing the upcoming classes they had in the later day. Seung-Hui-Cho shot and killed two of his peers in the Virginia Tech dormitory (West Ambler Johnston Hall), with no dismay. Two and a half hours later thirty-one more Virginia Tech students (Norris Hall), including Seung-Hui-Cho, would also follow in pursuit of death from this infamous massacre. The massacre was in fact horrendous, for not just students and faculty of Virginia Tech, but also for the citizens of the United States, including myself. I do in fact, remember this national tragedy, however, I was only six years old and didn't quite understand what was going. …show more content…
He wanted to make a point, which he did in a very drastic way. Seung Cho’s past history with people of wealth, predominantly religious people, is definitely a main reason for Seung Cho’s internal conflict, and anger towards people of wealth. I believe that he was trying to say that Americans tend to get caught up in their social statuses, and don’t care about how their lifestyles affect others. Seung Cho was an example of this as he later says in the video that he people crucifixed him on a cross (Seung-Hui-Cho, 2007). I believe that he meant this metaphorically, and wanted to express how damaged he became after the torment of people that were viewed as normal everyday Americans. Seung-Hui-Cho’s main internal conflict was that he was confused about why people who said they were Christians wanted to hurt him, yet it wasn’t the “Christian thing to do.” I also believe that he was caught in between two different cultures, American and Korean. He lived in Korea up until the age of 8, and then had to pick up and move to a different country, where he lived the rest of his short life. Cho did not identify with either heritages He was admitted to a mental institution in 2005, while still in college at Virginia Tech. This was because of several altercations involving; Cho wearing a hat and sunglasses, which he would be asked to remove, being a distraction while in class, and stalking women (Seung-Hui-Cho, 2014). He was initially placed in a mental institution when he let out a suicide statement to his suitemate (Seung-Hui-Cho, 2014). He was then released shortly thereafter and “sent orders to receive therapy as an outpatient (Seung-Hui-Cho, 2014). Although viewed as quite odd, no one could predict that only two short years after,

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