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The Shooting Incident

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Darria Nance
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English 111
26 April 2015
Essay 4. Restaurant Review

Erio's Restaurant Review Erio's restaurant is located in Woodson Square, 4434 Woodson Rd, St. Louis, Mo. 63134. It is a small, friendly restaurant that is quiet easy to miss except for it's huge sign in the parking lot. It's the perfect place to dine if you like Italian cuisine. It sits just across from Columbia College and is convenient for the campus students and staff. It's interior is gorges with its vintage type theme in the artwork that hangs on the walls. The restaurant buzzed with excitement and energy and quickly filled with seemingly satisfied customers. The noise level was appropriate for the number of guest that were in pleasant conversation. This restaurant was a selection of ours as we were given the task of performing a restaurant review. Our party of guests was a large one of about 10-12 including our English Professor Mrs. Hake. We were accommodated by tables that were neatly joined together with decorative cloths. The waitress introduced herself and offered drinks as we awaited the arrival of the rest of our party. I couldn't help but notice how clean the restaurant was and that the aroma was that of Italian seasoning. Silverware sat at your elbows neatly wrapped besides the menu that was placed at my fingertips. There were several selections ranging from Pizza, soup, salad and sandwiches, stuffed pasta, and baked entrees. My selection was the baked mostaccioli with the meat sauce. Conveniently, a side salad was offered in addition to my entree for only one dollar. My food was fresh looking and really warm, as was placed in a dish made to keep it hot. The portion was plenty and I pondered weather or not I could finish it all. The dessert menu offers about five different selections of cheesecakes, ice cream and sundae's. All reasonably priced just as the diner selections are. I sat and glared a time or two at the nice flat screen television on the wall. It looked like it would serve as entertainment to those customers who watched. These people all seemed to be classy individuals. It surprised me that although I saw customers drinking the alcoholic beverages, the atmosphere was still calm. Speaking of drinks, the restaurant has five different selections for wine at your choice of a full, half liter or glass options. Meanwhile, as the evening went on there were classmates who requested doggy bags to take home uneaten portions of food. We all agreed that we would tip the waitress 18% which came to almost fifty dollars. The tip was well deserved because of the excellent service. The restaurant conveniently has restroom accommodations for men and women but in my opinion they weren't handicapped equipped. The restaurant does have plenty of parking right at the door and the non-smoking policy is one of the things I like best about it, Five stars from me!!

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