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The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

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The Short Happy Life of Francis MaComber
Deep in Africa on a Safari, where man and beast roam as one, a husband Francis MaComber ventures on an unforeseen journey. He and his wife Margaret MaComber endure moments that were not foreseen, but the safari has a way of changing perspectives and opening up minds. Courage defined by the Merriam-Webster Website, is “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty”. The Safari will definitely change Francis MaComber. Come let’s go on an adventure that will leave you thinking. The African Safari where life, marriage, infidelity and courage is lost and regained, but by what means, accident or a plot to kill.
Francis MaComber is in his 35 years old, very tall, very well built…and considerably handsome. He excels at court games and has quite a number of big game fishing records. One could say that he is very athletic and outgoing on the surface. He is a very wealthy married man of 11 years to Margaret MaComber. Mr. MaComber is easygoing, tolerable, patient, naïve, gullible and a coward. He has allowed his wife Margaret to control their marriage for years due to his lack of courage.
Mr. MaComber is the story without his fears you would not have a story to tell. He overcomes his fears and starts to regain and take control over his fears, his life, and his marriage. Courage is the theme and Francis MaComber finds courage in the Safari of Africa while out on the kill in which he fails to kill the lion. The African Safari gives you the picture of courage and fear, because either you will face your fears or go running with your tail between your legs.
Frances MaComber goes through fear from not having the courage to finish the kill of the lion that he has shot twice from a distance. When he goes in search of the lion, the lion is found and charges out of the bush in an attempt to kill his attackers. Mr. MaComber takes off running toward the stream hysterically with fear. His wife sees this and out of embarrassment and resentfulness kisses Robert Wilson, the guide in the mouth and Mr. MaComber says nothing. He has been a coward in their marriage for years and Mrs. MaComber takes advantage of it.
Mr. MaComber goes back to camp after looking quite cowardly in front of all that accompanied them on the hunt and especially his wife. He has a nightmare about the bloody lion and awakens to find that his wife is not in bed. He waits for her return and asks where she had been, although he knows that she has been with Robert Wilson. Her reply was that she was getting some fresh air. This is not the first time that she has cheated on him. He tells her that he thought she was not going to do this again. The next morning due to anger and frustration he starts to find courage. The hunt begins again this time, with a different Francis MaComber and a different animal, a bull. He determined to conquer his fears and prove to himself and his wife that he has the courage to do so. He jumps from the jeep while still in motion. He kills the bull with no hesitation. Robert Wilson also shoots a bull only to find that it is not dead. They proceeded into the bush to find the bull. While Mr. MaComber and Robert Wilson were standing there boasting the bull that they thought was dead, charged and they both started shooting the bull. A single shot to the head of Francis MaComber was delivered by his wife. Mr. MaComber had found his courage and his wife was afraid of this new found courage. He was taking back control of his life and his marriage, Mrs. MaComber saw that as a problem. Mrs. MaComber is the one that wanted to go on this trip. What a way to plan a murder, than to say you accidentally killed your husband while on Safari.

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