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The Sit Down

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The Sit Down

My legs are torn and eaten by mosquitos, because I’m allergic to mosquitos, my skin blisters and swells up with every mosquito bite; puss even comes out if it swells up to much. It’s a hot summer evening in the middle of July the sun is blazing down on everybody in its path. Family is over to have a cook out; it’s a special occasion because we only see all of us three times a year which is: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the family cook out in mid July. I’m the only girl in my family out of five boys in the grandchildren on my dad side of the family. Difficult growing up, because I was a huge tom boy reason being the only girl and my sibling was a boy and 11 years older than me in fact; it was difficult growing up without a girl to look upon on..

My brother the oldest grandson, 20, was still a huge kid who loved to pick on us. His name is Raul but we call him Omar because of his middle name. He was wearing his favorite, black and silver Raiders jersey. Back in time when jean shorts for males were cool he would wear those with some Nike tennis shoes. Then came my cousin who was 2 years older than me, he was 11 at the time, I was still taller than him by an inch; he was stronger and picked on me a lot because I was a girl and taller than he was. His name is Abraham but called him Abe for short. Abe’s brother was only 2 months younger than I am and had long hair, smelled bad because he would never take a shower. He smelled like rotten cheese it was a strong disgusting order he would carry in his presences, we even gave him a nick name and it was Queso, cheese in Spanish which we still call him to this day; but his real name is Marcos. My cousin Ony was only one year younger than my brother, he was 19 years old he loved to wear basketball shorts and a white t-shirt which was...

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