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The Stone Tower

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Midterm Part 1: Creative Story

The Stone Tower

“Can you get a clear shot Draz?” asked Tankus.
“If he takes a step forward I can,” answered Draz.
Daylight was disappearing in the forest as dusk began to set, but there was still enough light for the two friends to observe the movements of the tracker who had been silently tailing them for a good part of the day.
“What kind of tracker is he?” said Tankus. “He looks like some kind of rat or something.”
The tracker was hunched over now, trying to pick up their scent which he had lost several yards back in the brush. Skin like beaten old leather stretched over his long thin bones giving him a scare-crow like appearance, but it was the long, pointed nose set between black, beady eyes that made him look like a rat. He edged forward suddenly picking up their scent again.
"Fwoooosh!" Draz’s laser arrow found its mark in the tracker’s temple. “Okay that’s cool,” said Tankus, “we know he’s been with us for several miles, so where do you suppose the rest of his entourage is? Where are the meat and the brains that sent out this dog?”
“I don’t know,” said Draz, “I just hope we have enough fire power to keep them back. I don’t know how much more time Kalem needs to break into that old place.”
Tankus raked his blonde goatee with his long nimble fingers, trying to add things up in his mind quickly. He was the planner of the group and always thinking of every possible angle to bring their projects to a successful ending, even if they met problems along the way.
“Well,” he finally said, “let’s stick to the plan so far. Kalem’s about two hours in front of us. He should be at Stone Tower now and by the time we get there he should have the place ready for us to walk in.”
Draz nodded in agreement. He would let Tankus do the worrying and he would do the shooting.


Kalem had drawn a perfect circle on the ground directly in front of the old structure. It was an old fortress built thousands of years ago by an ancient monarch who had led his kingdom to ruin through wars and greed. When the soldiers abandoned the fortress, a wandering wizard took up residence. Legends say of this wizard that through magic he amassed a fortune in gold, silver and precious jewels. Then one day the workings in the tower fell silent and no one ever heard or saw the wizard again. Naturally, the hoard of precious treasure was much sought after, but no one could ever find a way into the old, stone tower.
Kalem sat inside of the circle, leafing carefully through a worn manuscript.
“If there’s way in, I’ll find it old man.” Kalem said aloud, as if the wizard were right in front of him. Leaves in the forest behind him whispered as an evening breeze rushed through.
“Oh I know a thing or two.” Kalem answered back, “I know…” he stopped abruptly as he came across the spell he was looking for.
Kalem stood up suddenly in the middle of the circle gripping the book in his left hand, and stretched his right arm straight out in front of him, palm up with fingers widely splayed in the direction of the tower. There were no doors or windows to be seen on the face of the building.
“Taras allebellum,” Kalem began. “Taras admuir.”
The air around the circle froze, listening.
“Taras admonay cantellum Azmoday!”
The tower glimmered as Kalem spoke the last line. As he looked on, the broken, gray stones of the tower turned white and smooth, appearing as if it had just been built. A door etched into the base of the tower and opened.
“We’re just in time!” Tankus shouted behind him. “Run man, run!”
Kalem turned to see Tankus and Draz running down a short hill that led down to the tower. He could see a dozen or so men not far behind chasing them. Kalem pulled the manuscript close to his chest and ran towards the door in the old tower.
Tankus was right behind him shouting, “Where are we going? I thought you would have a way in by now! I'm always ready to cut a few throats!”
“What are you talking about Tankus? There’s a door right in front of you,” said Kalem.
Kalem thought for a moment and then realized they probably didn’t see the door.
“Tankus, Draz! Just follow me,” said Kalem.
Kalem ran straight through the door of the tower.
Tankus saw Kalem disappear behind a wall of stone. He hesitated for a fraction of a second and grabbed Draz and shoved him into the wall. He ran through right behind him.


A tall, slim man came running up behind the group that had been chasing his two preys.
He had seen Kalem, Draz and then Tankus run straight towards the tower and then suddenly disappear. Agitated, he started clawing through his dark hair, now wet and mangy from sweat.
“Justin!” a voice called behind him.
Justin turned to face his uncle, feeling humiliated that he let those low life beggars slip so easily out of his hands.
“Uncle Roman, they’re gone. They got away,” said Justin.
“Justin, “his uncle looked him squarely in the eye. “These are former friends of yours; I hope your loyalty is not being displaced.”
“I'm the one making the plan right? So of course I'm ready for anything that could possibly happen out here,” said Justin.
The men looked up to see Justin’s beast, a griffin circling high above them in a moonless night sky. Justin had considered that Kalem, an amateur magician at best, might have a few tricks up his sleeve. He hadn’t counted on them working so quick and so well.
"Stand back men,” said Justin.
Justin let out a long, low whistle to call down the griffin.
"I told you uncle,” said Justin, we will rule all the powers of the tower."

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