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The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management

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Mercedes Valdivia
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14 July 2013
Advantages and disadvantages between Organic and conventional food: An annotated bibliography

In the last decade the consumption of organic products has been growing steadily, although many consumer buy these products with the idea that they are buying organic because is healthy, but studies show that there is not much difference between nutrients and vitamins between organic food and conventional food. The area were organic has advantage over conventional is over the protection of the environment because organic is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Many studies and researches had been done in organic growing with most of them with the same result. This annotated bibliography shows some of the studies conducted throughout the world

Aschemann-Witzel, J., Maroscheck, N., Hamm, U. (2013). Are organic consumers preferring or avoiding foods with nutrition and health claims? Pg. 68-76.
A realistically designed purchase simulation was conducted using 210 German organic consumers, the study was done to determine whether organic products are purchased for its health benefits, the study used 3 different types of food, each types had five different brands. Apparently a consumer tends to believe that if a product is organic, it must be better. The sample tested was not enough to make a generalization of the German population, a further investigation see’s it necessary to determine the qualitatively, further exploring the relation between the organic and the functional product characteristic from a consumer point of view. The study is incomplete; it does not clarify rather the customers preference is for health or environmental protection.
Baxter, G.I., Minihane, A.M., Shaw, E. (2009) Health Benefits…...

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