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The Structurres of Health and Social Care Provision

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The Structures of Health and Social Care Provision-

Introduction to Essay-
During this essay I will be discussing the overall structure of social care provision in England. I will outline the different types of care provided by social services and what barriers may occur to prevent one from being able to use them. I will be analysing the structure of both the new and old social care provision, and discussing the changes which have been put in place. Lastly, I will concentrate on primary and secondary care, and looking at different types of regulation methods to ensure that social services are up to the government’s standards.
The Structure of Social Care Provision-
The Office of the Director is the central office at NIH (National Institutes of Health). It is responsible for setting policies, managing, planning and coordinating all of the activities for all of the NIH components. The Office of the Director is directly in charge of the Children’s Division, the Family Support Division, the MO HealthNet Division, the Division of Youth Services and the Information Technology Services Division. However, it holds responsible for all Divisions. The Children’s Division looks after children and young people; it includes services such as adoption services, foster care, abuse and neglect investigations and the child welfare manual. The Family Support Division helps to ensure that families achieve an appropriate level of self-support and care through needs based services. The MO HealthNet Division is one of the six agencies that report to the Department of Social Services. It purchases and monitors health care services for those on a low income. The Division of Youth Services enables youth to fulfil with a responsible manner, taking into consideration the needs of the family and the community. The Information Technology Services Division...

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