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The Study Habits of College Students in Relation to Their Academic Standing

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How to Take on College Studying
Develop Good Study Habits
In college, you’ll need to build on the study skills that you learned in high school. The demands of a college class are probably more rigorous than those you are used to.
You can succeed by knowing what to expect and how to handle it. Think of college as a full-time job, in which you spend 40 hours a week on class, labs, study groups and doing homework. Being organized and using your time well are essential. Learn more about time management, and use the guidelines below to develop your study skills.
Decide When to Study
Work out about how many hours you need to study every day. Then make a schedule.
 Figure out what blocks of time you have available throughout the day, in the evenings and on weekends.
 Consider what time of day you are most alert — there are morning people and night owls — and try to schedule your studying accordingly.
 Think about whether you do better studying for a few hours at a time or sitting down for marathon sessions.
Choose Where to Study
Where you should study depends on two factors: the environment in which you are best able to concentrate and the type of work you are planning to do.
 The best places to study have good light, a comfortable temperature and enough desk space — usually your dorm room, your apartment or the library.
 For completing problem sets or brainstorming possible test questions, you may want to study with a group or at least in a setting where fellow students are available for discussion.
 When you are reading book chapters or working on a research paper, you are probably better off in a less social environment.
Improve Your Study Habits
Here are simple steps you can take to help you get a handle on studying:
 Have a routine for where and when you study.
 Choose reasonable and specific goals that you can accomplish for each study…...

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