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The Success of Bill T. Jones’ Film Still/Here

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The film, Still/Here choreographed by Bill T. Jones in 1994 is a remarkable film that Jones first gathered the ideas of when his late partner, Arnie Zane, died from AIDS at the age of 39. Jones then wanted to incorporate the thoughts and emotions that are brought up in the uneventful situations of surviving life threatening illnesses into dance. Still/Here consists of nothing but human feelings that are expressed through rhythmic togetherness on stage to create an amazing array of dance that visually grasps the audience to interpret the stories that lie underneath. This film could not have been as successful as it was without Jones’ willingness to help others through the workshops, using real peoples emotions and stories to create the dance, and incorporating the audio- and video-tapes throughout the dance performance. These three things are key to the success of his film.

In order to explain why Still/Here was so successful I feel it is very important to understand why Bill T. Jones has created a dance such as this one. As we know, Bill T. Jones is an African American, homosexual, HIV positive man whose life partner died from AIDS. This is important because it helps us to understand the meaning behind the structure and choreography he has chosen. During Jones’ interview he explains that after Arnie’s death he was full of confusion and other emotions which lead him to the idea of Still/Here.Dance was a big part of both of their lives, Jones found a way to express real emotions through gestures, movements, and expressions. To create a dance with real stories and emotions behind it is key for outside people to relate to and admire the work being shown, especially if they are unfamiliar with dance and art. It could very well be opening a door into dance and art for many curious viewers. These workshops helped others going through similar situations, and if Jones is...

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