The Symbolic Views of a Glass Menagerie

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The Symbolic Views of a Glass Menagerie
Symbols play a vital role in everyone’s day-to-day life, now when you think of glass as a symbol, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? As you might have suspected, “The Glass Menagerie” is full of hidden symbols which are utilized throughout the play and are unique while playing a vital role in telling the story. The most obvious symbol in this play would be Laura's glass sculptures, also known as her glass menagerie. Besides the menagerie, there are various symbols throughout the play such as movies and a magician, the fire escape, a Unicorn, and leg braces. Each of these symbols adds to the negativity this household endures as a whole while also adding inspiration when needed. Symbols come in many forms; Tennessee Williams once said “When the sounds are harsh they suggest external realities; when they are soft they identify a thought or gently echo an idea identified before, binding the play together.". These various symbols scattered around the play all have different meaning, but in the end, pull the entire play together with strong meaning, deep influence, and harsh reality.
Laura's glass sculpture collection also known as the glass menagerie utilizes powerful meaning with a harsh reality of being easily broken. The glass menagerie is an accurate representation of Laura's life and personality. Having a glass figurine collection is difficult to maintain while being one of the most fragile materials such as Laura, and tends to shatter very easily.
The glass sculptures in a way represent Laura just as Tennessee Williams said, "her physical frailty in addition to her fragile prettiness.”(1667). Laura is very different from those around her and her unique collection shows that. However, most people tend to overlook the beauty of glass and what true perfection such material can be. Every so often, in the right…...