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The Tablet Market in Australia

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Table of Contents 1. Synopsis 3 2. Introduction 4 3. The market as of Q4 2012 4 4. Demographics and Psychographics of the customer based on segmentation of the market 5 5. How Apple Inc. is reaching different market segments with its range of products 6 5.1 Apple iPad positioning matrix 6 5.2 Different market segments and how they are targeted with Apples iPad range 7 6. Perceptual maps of Apple Inc. and Samsung products in the market today 8 7. Apples Inc.s’ competitive advantages and positioning against its competition 9 7.1 Hardware advantages 9 7.2 Price positioning 9 7.3 Model availability 9 8. Characterisation of a potential Apple IPAD customer 11 9. Value proposition to be considered by an advertising agency. 12 10. Conclusion 12 11. Reference 13

1. Synopsis

This report details the current Tablet market in Australia with a focus on the Apple iPad. The report shows how it successfully competes with the market and why. A characterisation of a potential iPad customer is shown on page 10. Positioning matrices are shown on page 6 and 8 that detail where the iPad stacks up with the competition. Websites were used as sources in this report and are fully referenced on page 12. This Report was compiled by a college student in March 2013.

2. Introduction

The tablet market in Australia consists of three main products produced by various companies under different licences that apply to the respective operating systems. This report details the composition of the market share and the data relating to this.

3. The market as of Q4 2012

Todays tablet market in Australia consists of 3 major products that are in close competition with each other. The market consists of Apple Incs’ iPad product line, Android tablets and Windows tablets. Windows and Android tablets are manufactured by various licenced...

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