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The Tempest Review The Tempest had many interesting qualities and factors in the show that made the play particularly enjoyable. A few of the unique characteristics were the circus theme, the aerialist, and the costume design along with the actors’ makeup. I think that these elements made the play more interesting to the audience, and truly engrossed the audience in the unique showing of The Tempest. The setting of The Tempest in a circus was quite a distinct portrayal of the show. It fit the exotic performers of the play very well and added a unique twist to the play. I think that the addition of a circus to The Tempest made the show more interesting and drew the attention of the audience. It certainly made the play quite exciting to watch. The performers possessed what would be known as different traits, such as the Tattooed Strong Man Freak. As far as society is concerned, someone with odd features like that would fit into a circus or a freak show. I think the aspect of a circus was a great idea and made the work of Shakespeare more appealing to the audience. The aerialist was one of the most fascinating parts of the play. The elegance and grace needed to balance oneself and perform on silks is a captivating performance. The show put on by an aerialist is not typically found in a normal play and I think it makes this particular play stand out in my mind from other performances I have seen. The act of balancing precariously on silks is an enthralling show which put me as well as other audience members on the edge of their seats for this breathtaking performance. The costume design plays a large role in making a play appealing to an audience. Well designed and thought out costumes can enhance a character, and I think the costumes and makeup of the actors truly did just that. The Tattooed Strong Man Freak had very interesting tattoos, piercings, and attire....

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