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The Test of Products

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Testing of the Product
For the testing of the product, I asked 5 people who are my target audience and another person who is a keen badminton player. For the 5 people, I uploaded the product on the computer and asked each person to spend time viewing the product and doing the quiz. For the keen badminton player, I had to email him the quiz with the relevant videos and animations and also a questionnaire which to be completed after he viewed the product. All the people had to complete the questionnaire, where they could give their opinion on the product and also ways of improving the product.
The feedback which I got from the target audience is that the product overall is educational and that the information given on each page was the right amount. The users also commented on the videos, they believed that the videos form the techniques section was a good idea of for the users to actually visualize the shot and that they will be more likely to understand how to do the shots and will be able to do it themselves. Another user also commented on the rollover buttons which are on the menu page; they thought that it was an interesting feature to the product. Also they said that the navigation of the product was easy as I had every button on each page which made it easy for them to look at different pages without them going back to the menu page.
Improvements to be made from the feedback:
One of the test users stated out that I have included a smash shot on the introduction animation; however, I didn’t include this particular shot on the techniques page. I will include a page which gives information about the smash shot; this is because the user who stated out the error is a professional badminton player and wrote that this is shot is the shots which are used in badminton. I will include relevant information about the forehand smash and backhand smash and also I will...

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