The Texts in Section a Focus on the American Dream

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The texts in section A focus on the American Dream. Write a paper (700-1000 words) in which your answer the following questions. Answer the questions separately.
Give an outline of how the American Dream is interpreted in texts 2, 3 and 4.
Text 2:
Arnold Schwarzenegger's view on the American Dream is; that it is something you have to make yourself worthy for. This is characterized by three things. To truly succeed as an American citizen you have to learn the English language. This is a necessity to blend in to the American culture. Another factor that weighs in high according to Schwarzenegger about the American Dream is the right to vote. In Austria, you do not have the right to vote, so he exaggerates the fact that the right to vote should not be taken for granted. He also says that 'democracy is not a spectator’s sport', so you should participate as much as possible. Thirdly, he emphasizes that giving back to your country should be important. According to Schwarzenegger you should give back as much and as possible. He ends the text paying tribute to all the great immigrants who have performed service for The United States.
Text 3: The third text epitomizes the opinion that the American Dream is money-oriented. Since the economy was at a downfall in 2008, the American Dream had been, metaphorically speaking, been killed or at least wounded. Beyond that, the text is angled in a much more negative way, but maybe a more realistic way. The writer, Anya Kamenetz, bases the substance in the text on studies and researches; she found out that that people who earns more than 50,000 dollars are only slightly happier than people earning less, which contradicts the American Dream. She ends the text writing about a door, which opens up for a new American Dream, where spending time with your family should be a key focus.
Text 4: The fourth text…...

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...The American Dream 1. Give an outline of how the American Dream is interpreted. Arnold Schwarzenegger writes that with hard work and determination he managed to make his dream come through in America. He says, that he understands the immigrants yearning for freedom and opportunity, but that to get those and to get success you have to work hard and give something back to America. He thinks, that one of the most important things to do to be able to fit in and blend in to the American culture is to learn the language. Not out of duty, but to be able to be a part of the everyday life in America and get the best out the cultural life of America. The second thing, he thinks, is important to get a good life in America is to participate in the democracy and to be involved in how America ended out to be, as it is today. The last thing, that he considers important, is to give something back to the America who has been welcoming you. It doesn’t have to be much; just something that helps people or something that makes a difference, small or big, in other people’s lives. Arnold Schwarzenegger believes, that your dreams can come true in America and that everything can be achieved, but not without hard work. Anya Kamenetz claims that the “old” American Dream is wounded. She is of the belief that the young Americans need a new and edited American dream, where the assumption of the dreams aren’t money and material things but a dream based on a social safety net, more time for the......

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