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Your Final Exam is scheduled for next Wednesday. You can take the exam beginning Wednesday Feb 8, 2012 at 12.00 Noon. The Exam window will close on Friday Feb 10, 2012 at 12.00 Noon. You will have two hours, at one sitting, to finish the exam. The current technology does not enable us to monitor the exam, so I will make it "open book". While you have three days to take the exam, I strongly recommend that you take it early on Wednesday or Thursday. In the past, students have encoutered numerous problems if they wait till the last minute such as technology failure, personal or family problems.

You will answer a total of 5 questions (2 Problems and 3 short essay Questions). The problems will be focussing on Triangular Arbitrage, and Derivatives. The essay questions will be identical to the ones in the review sheet. More on this in the Adobe session scheduled for Thursday Feb 2, 2012.

FINANCE 6644: Global Financial Strategy

Krishnan Dandapani January 2012

Final Exam Review Questions

A. Please be concise and precise in your answers.

B. Practice answers for closed book, class room setting.

C. Suggested length: minimum one page; maximum two pages per question.

D. You would answer 5 questions or Problems in two hours in final exam.


1. Ethical Standards

a. Can a multinational firm adopt varying ethical standards [such as with regard to product safety (Pinto), employee benefits (Nike) and “kickbacks” to win business (HP)] in its global operations? Why or Why Not? Discuss in depth based on the goals of multinational corporations? (Be sure to identify the merits and demerits/pitfalls for both options).

b. How do corporate governance and financial management differ for US based corporations and global multinational corporations?...

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