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David Coccoli
Ms. White
English 2 CP
12 January 2013

Dear Student, Have you ever been unprepared for a big test? From personal experience I can tell you that it is not something you want to experience yourself. I have encountered this a few times throughout school. I can tell you a few things I was able to do to prepare, the reasons I did not get to prepare as much as I wanted, taking the test, and things that happened after I completed the test. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes. Some of the things I was able to do to prepare was go over it in class, make a foldable, and look over my notes right before I took the test. Just by going over the material in class, I was not fully paying attention. When I made my foldable, I copied off of someone’s so I could finish mine. Right before the test I just glanced over my notes. Those three preparation techniques are not recommended. The reasons I did not get to prepare as well as I wanted were because I was out of school with the flu. Therefore one of my friends William let me barrow his foldable, so I just copied it. While taking the test, I soon found out how unprepared I really was. Another thing that I found out was study only the night before a test isn’t a good idea. The reason for that is that you will not remember everything you tried to cram in your brain the night before. Whenever I got my test I completely froze up and couldn’t remember a thing on it. I would say I learned the hard way. After taking that test, I knew right when I turned it in that I was going to fail it. I dreaded getting the test back. When my teacher finally gave me my test back the next week, sure enough, I bombed it. Then whenever my parents found out, I got in trouble because I got a bad grade on my test. There was no excuse for that. The outcome of taking that test was just awful. I hope that you can take this advice and never do the things that I did. From my experience, it was a terrible idea on my behalf. Those were the things I did to prepare, the reasons I did not do well, and the things that happened after I completed the test. I really hope this letter helps any student who is reading it.
David Coccoli

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