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The Thinking Process

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The Thinking Process
Giles Dancer
July 20, 2010
Linda Keller
The Thinking Process The best way to describe “thinking,” in one person’s opinion, is to engage the mind in a logical, coherent, and impartial manner concerning assessing a given set of circumstances. The sensing process occurs when people observe and analyze without any fixed ideas. When people concentrate on individual sensations and catalog them based on our memories, we perceive; and when we make deductions about their behaviors or significance, we are thinking. A young man is riding a bicycle and senses that a car is heading for him. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the car and the sensing goes straight from his eyes to his brain. The brain examines this communication and turns it into a thought. The human memory is a very important ability of the human mind. The capacity to retain and recollect past occurrences, information, and many other important factors remains high up on the list of abilities in life. When someone lacks the ability to use his or her memory, he or she becomes dysfunctional in society. A good medium when concerning communication or storing information in one’s memory is also very important. A medium is a means or mechanism for storing or communicating information in an effective and understandable fashion. In my past I dated a younger woman for about nine months. In my wildest nightmares I would have never realized what a catastrophe would become of that relationship. I am not sure what I thought was going on when I first met her, but I was sure running around with blinders on. The fact that I met her in a burlesque club should have been a big flashing danger sign. Somewhere in my mind I justified that this person was different even with the given circumstances. Even though she was 17 years younger and a dancer, I just...

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