The Three Barriers

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The Thre Barriers

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The first barrier I would like to start off talking about that influence my thinking and writing is Enculturation. This barrier impacts my life enormously because the strict Christianity background I was born and raised into. Looking back on my academic history I remember writing a paper about politics, and gay marriage was the topic. I aggressively enforced my religious belief about the situations and no one could tell me I was wrong. Looking back on that situation I think a good way to overcome being that closed minded person I was is to simply question everything, instead of letting religion shape how I think. Look at the situation from different point of views as if I wasn't born in Christianity. The second barrier that influence my thinking is self serving Biase. Back in high school I remember my English teacher gave the class a writting assingment to create our own creative story including the item chosen from the mystery box. My friend chose a dandelion and wrote an amazing story and got an A on it; As to my stoy; I wasnt a creative as he when it came to word, so I despised her work. Later classes switched and we was in a class that I mastered, Art. Every time we had an assingment I would look to see what she was doing so I could out draw her; And I did everytime. I would then critique her work on everthing she did wrong. Overcoming my old ways might consist of being able to accept my mistakes. Everyone is not perfect and we are all talented in different ways. Try thinking positive in all ways even if its not an advantaging you. Last but not least Self Concept is the last barrier that influence my thinking and writing. The way you view yourself plays a huge role on how you portray yourself. Throughout my life I can sadly say I have always looked at myself…...

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...More Barriers: * Social contact: strangers may not understand conversations and non-verbal message understood by close friends. Supporting individuals: The care value base requires care worker to value people's equality and diversity as well as their rights. People will feel value and respected when they have been listened to, and when they feel their needs and wishes have been understood by the care Worker. Good communication skills are vital for this, and care Worker must find ways of overcoming the communication barriers that often arise between the client and Worker. Good communication skills are vital for this, and care worker must find ways of overcoming the communication barriers the often arise between the client and worker. Nasima Khanom Barriers to Communication: There are three main ways in which communication can become blocked: Ways of overcoming barriers to communication: Visual disability: * Use conversation to describe things. * Help people to touch things (e.g. touch your face so that the person can recognise you). * Explain the detail-sighted people take for granted. * Check what people can see (many registered blind people can see shapes or tell the difference between light and dark). * Check that spectacles are being worn, if necessary, and that they are clean. Hearing disability: * Do not shout: speak normally and make sure your face is visible so that those who can lip-read are able to do so. * Use pictures or Write message. * Learn to sign- for people......

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