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Dinosaurs never seize to amaze paleontologists, researchers, and science in general in the modern world today. The gigantic creatures (up to thirty feet long, ten feet tall and weighed up to twelve tons) that once walked and ruled the face of the earth millions of years ago have fascinated the human race for centuries. This does not come as a surprise, the existence of such amazing, larger than life beings gives insight and a sense of wonder to people. Dinosaurs were known to have roamed the Earth millions of years ago with their existence proven by fossil discoveries of archaeologists throughout the world.
One of the most recognized dinosaurs is the Triceratops, the herbivore dinosaur known for its three horns and frill. The fossils can hardly be missed on this dinosaur, with the horns, deep, bold cheek bones and large size. The Triceratops’ skull was 1/3 the length of its entire body. This enormous, stocky creature was said to have evolved from a smaller but related species that was recently found in China. The fossil remains date to the very end of the Cretaceous period, right before the meteor impact. So, they were one of the last dinosaurs standing before the extinction. The Triceratops proved to be an interesting dinosaur as its extinction still raises questions at present times today. The first named specimen of the Triceratops was found near Denver Colorado in 1887. Originally the bones were believed to belong to a particularly large and unusual bison, but then later realized that they were horned dinosaurs the next year. Triceratops remains have also been found in states as Montana, South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming. Various, “three-dimensional” skulls of both sexes and different ages were discovered, about 50 different skulls and some partial skeletons have been found.
It is said that the horns on the Triceratops were used for two things: mating

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