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The Truman Show

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The Truman Show
There are many different films and genres, but there is one film that both provides a different outlook and is entertaining at the same time. The Truman Show is a movie that is about a man named Truman Burbank whose entire life was televised and set up since birth without his knowledge, which eventually realizes due to a series of events. This TV show was created by a man named Christof, who is in charge of Truman’s life, the actors around him and the enclosed city he built for Truman, called Seahaven. The Truman Show is a good film because of the psychological effect by the idea of the film, the difference between the real world and a perfect world, and the many religious connotations with it and allusions to God.
One way this movie psychologically affects our perspective and helps us become a bit more aware because the movie shows Truman Burbank as a normal, regular person whose life was completely setup by a director. Similarly, humans were placed on this earth so perfectly, that everything feels normal with no sign of suspicion that could alter the vision of life. This movie also brings a sense of paranoia, by feeling watched at all times and to confuse the people in one’s life as actors, just like in the movie. Of course, those are just the temporary effects of watching such a movie, as with any other movie that alters the thought process.
It seems as if the creator of the show, Christof, really wanted to prove that the world he created is safe and considered more “normal’ than the outside world. There are many signs and ideas that are shown in the movie that really stand out regarding the purpose of the show, which makes this movie great. The fact that Christof created an enclosed bubble world filled with actors, it seems too perfect of a world for a person to live in. Humans are made to make mistakes and learn from them, which helps to…...

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...response paper I will talk about the movie “Truman Show”. And some opinions and results which I got from it and the movies connection with popular culture First of all, I’ll start from the content of the movie. The main character is someone “who has been adopted by a company for the first time”, called Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), who lives in a giant jar which can be seen from the space (the only building can be seen from space after the The Great Wall) unaware of the World. Truman , who thinks that his little world is “real”, eventually starts to figure out that everything happens around him just about a repetition and everything around him is just about a fiction. However , escaping from his fictional world is not easy as he estimates. Soon, Truman gets forced to face his fears, to go an “unknown” from the world that he is safe inside in order to escape from his “fake world”. In the last scene, director of the Truman Show (Ed Harris) tries to trick Truman (and “of course” the audience).Directors says “ there is nothing better at the “outside”, even inside is better and safe.”. But Truman doesn’t prefer the prison that he is in and escape from it. When I came to my conclusions about the movie is trying to send a message to the audience. For example, in the Truman afraid from sea because he lost her father at sea. Symbolic meanings in any language of the sea means freedom. Truman is afraid of the sea because it is not free. Truman does not exceed the sea following the......

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