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The U.S. Gun-Control Paradox

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Journal of Business & Economics Research – Fourth Quarter 2015

Volume 13, Number 4

The U.S. Gun-Control Paradox:
Gun Buyer Response To Congressional
Gun-Control Initiatives
Michael A. Jones, Ph.D., Southeastern Louisiana University, USA
George W. Stone, Ph.D., North Carolina A&T University, USA
Many scholars and interest groups in the U.S. advocate for more gun-control in terms of restrictions on sales. Following the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in December
2012, The Obama Administration initiated legislation to restrict gun sales. Coincidentally, U.S. firearm sales surged to record levels and ammunition shortages occurred. This article examines the gun control issue in the U.S. in light of the events of 2013, demonstrating the paradox which gun-control advocates face. The authors provide background information on the gun-control debate including the social cost of gun-violence and the U.S. political battle over the issue.
Keywords: U.S. Gun-Control Paradox; Gun-Control Debate; Congressional Gun-Control Initiatives


his study examines the response of US firearm and ammunition consumers to the Obama
Administration’s 2013 initiative to pass new gun control legislation. After staying-clear of guncontrol during his first term, President Obama initiated a dialog proposing the need for new gun control legislation after the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy in December 2012 (McWhinnie 2013). What followed was a sharp increase in gun sales and a run on ammunition which lead to stock-outs, shortages and rationing
(Kesling 2012, Plumer 2012) NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) checks, which are seen as a proxy for firearm sales, increased nearly 60% during the first 6 months of 2013. Ammunition sales spiked during the same period of time, leading to stock-outs and rationing. Record sales and...

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