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The Ultimate Bad Idea

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
#     "   * *#  $#$ /#(* #( $  "   $  #    !"   + $  "#")$ ( )#CDD%   !     :" A$   1 :" A )$#   A)# #% )#(B $  D#!/ $   - 

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h5 52E>5=2E: G7852 2 85E >8C2 2@BE@ ?@=5A9 1

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No Idea an' see the boss. Now, look- I'll give him the work tickets, but you ain't gonna say a word. You jus' stand there and don't say nothing. If he finds out what a crazy bastard you are, we won't get no job, but if he sees ya work before he hears ya talk, we're set. Ya got that?" "Sure, George. Sure I got it." "O.K. Now when we go in to see the boss, what you gonna do?" "I... I..." Lennie thought. His face grew tight with thought. "I... ain't gonna say nothin'. Jus' gonna stan' there." "Good boy. That's swell. You say that over two, three times so you sure won't forget it." Lennie droned to himself softly, "I ain't gonna say nothin'... I ain't gonna say nothin'... I ain't gonna say nothin'." "O.K.," said George. "An' you ain't gonna do no bad things like you done in Weed, neither." Lennie looked puzzled. "Like I done in Weed?" "Oh, so ya forgot that too, did ya? Well, I ain't gonna remind ya, fear ya do it again." A light of understanding broke on Lennie's face. "They run us outa Weed," he exploded triumphantly. "Run us out, hell," said George disgustedly. "We run. They was lookin' for us, but they didn't catch us." Lennie giggled happily. "I didn't forget that, you bet." George lay back on the sand and crossed his hands under his head, and Lennie imitated him, raising his head to see whether he was doing it right. "God, you're a lot of trouble," said George. "I could get along so easy and so nice if I didn't have you on my tail. I could live so easy and maybe have a girl."......

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