The Under Tree Crime Life of Harry Squirrel

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Research Ideas
The crime life of SwMt
Facts/other info
* They are tougher than a reg SwM
* They are feared
* Make tons of nuts/acorns by running walnut casinos and through acorn extortion
* Keeps the gangs under control exp: chipmunk street gang under control out of fear
* Having some of the rat patrol in their
Back cheeks
* Always the chance of being road kill
* Risk of going to the nuthouse
* Their wife and kids could be squirrel bait
At anytime
* Going nuts due to that they are constently
Under nutvalance
* General topic: crime life of a SwM
* Limited topic: SwM as a Nutpin
* Thesis: The SwM known as the Nutpin
Body paragraphs
* Advantages
* Disadvantages
Conclusion: Trying to get out of the crime life

The Under Tree Crime Life of the Top
Squirrel with Mustaches

Since the enormous increase in population within the Squirrels with Moustaches (SwM) community, there has come a group of tougher SwMs. These now tougher Squirrels with Moustaches are known as the Grey Moustache family. They have come here from Elm Wood Treeville. They live the life of a crime family and there is one top SwM known as the Nut Pin. His name is Harry “Nuts” Squirrel. There is a constant threat of Harry “Nuts” Squirrel becoming road kill, being sent to the nuthouse, and always being under Nutvalance.
In this wild life that the tough Squirrels with Moustaches live in, there is a constant threat of becoming road kill.” Nuts” always has a chance that one of his under squirrels can turn nut evidence with the rat patrol. Harry “Nuts” Squirrel has hired the Rocky Raccoon security boys for protection. You would think that Elm Wood Treeville would be a safe place to live, but in reality it is an extremely shady forest to live in. There is always an under…...