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The Uniform Approach Works

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Analysis of The Uniform Approach Works
Schools standards have for a long time been declining and Elspeth Insch sees it as a vicious circle when a school has a bad reputation. In the article The uniform approach works by Mary Braid from The Summer times the 11th July, 2004. Elspeth Insch is showing three aspects, which could do a good part of improving the standards of the schools, but also to make the school self-govern and to improve the teaching and the teachers.
Elspeth Insch is operating on a problem which Insch makes quite clear: declining of schools standards. Insch is a head herself so this problem is very relevant. She opens the article with this topic, followed by her own meaning of how to push up the standards by introducing the three aspects: school uniforms, competitive sports and a better house system, which she has used at her own school: King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham, and has had positive effects on the students. Insch thinks that introducing uniforms would make every student equal and there would be no such thing as fashion competition. Insch believes that a uniform is a social leveller and a symbolic aspect, because it makes an air of business and high standards. * Then she is arguing for each aspect. * In the ending she shais that the real problem is a lack of good theachers, and she says that her suggestions is only cosmetic and the real problem lies in the teachers, and it is not enough that the goverment has improved teachers pay and tackled workload issues * She is using a lot of ehtos by introsucing own experiences.

Major claim:
Elspeth Insch believes that introducing of school uniforms; competitive sports and a better house system have a part in raising schools standards, although Elspeth Insch does not believes it would solve the problem itself, because the real problem lays in lack of good...

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