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The Unique Walnut Huller

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Walnut is the common people food. It is nutritious, has a brain, kidney, beauty, lipid-lowering effect of four. Walnuts and walnut or China's traditional export commodities. However, due to the hard walnut shells, hand stripping nuclear extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. Therefore, raising the level of mechanization take walnut kernel, the production process is an urgent problem. Walnut Huller is mainly used for rigid walnut sheller, a complete different rates, and the yield of different varieties of walnut nuts, one is the structure by regulating the motor speed, the rotational speed of the wind speed and the size of the internal fit. The other is by adjusting the internal clearance, to achieve the best effect shelling.

Walnut huller main features
Walnut huller from the rack, the fan rotor, single-phase motor, screen (the size of two kinds), into the hopper, vibrating screen, belt wheel and drive belt and other components. After the normal operation of equipment, walnut quantitative evenly and continuously into the hopper, walnut repeatedly hit in the rotor, Friction, collision broken down, and crushed walnut shells in the rotation of the rotor and the wind pressure blow, through certain pore size screen (the first threshing with a large hole mesh, small fruit skin after cleaning the mesh apertures replaced second peel) filtration, separation. Walnut hull, tablets in rotating fan blowing force, to make lightweight body shell is blown, the heavier the fruit through the vibrating screen filter to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Walnut huller benefits and uses
Walnut huller has Compact, easy to operate, reliable performance, high efficiency peel, walnuts broken rate, sorted, loss rate and so on. You can clear the clods, stones, plastic and other debris inside the walnut.

Walnut huller widely used in various grain husking
In the agricultural and food processing, there are many grains (such as rice, wheat, etc.), grains (such as maize, sorghum, millet, oats and barley), oilseeds (soybeans, rapeseed and peanut, etc.) as well as chestnuts, walnuts, potatoes tomato, etc. must be shelling or peeling, or further processing before consumption. Walnut hulling machine appears convenient to solve these problems, and is unique in our daily life is a good helper.
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