The United States Illegal Drug Business

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The Drug Business
Tawni Masters
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January 30, 2012
Sherryl Roten-West

The Drug Business

The illegal drug business in the United States is not a new business. This business has been around for quite some time. In this paper I will discuss the history of illegal drug business in the United States including the types of drugs that involved in the illegal drug business. I will also be discussing illegal drug syndicates and cartels a long with their structures and operational methods. Also I will be talking about some of the modern trends of organized drug trafficking. Finally I will answer, explain, and provide recommendations to the question, is there is a better solution to the ways in which we combat the drug business in the United States.
The illegal drug business in the United States consists of all different types of activities from drug use to drug sales to producing and manufacturing to trafficking. Until the 1940’s most Italian Mafia leaders were strict with their rules telling their outfits that they were to avoid dealing drugs. A few leaders, notably Charles “Lucky” Luciano, broke that rule and used their organizations to push other gangs out of the drug trade and developed sophisticated networks for importing and selling illegal drugs in the United States (Mazzeno, 2011). During World War II illegal drugs were becoming less available in the U.S. because traffickers had a difficult time importing the drugs from overseas areas that were already in a conflict. After the war, drug trafficking picked up again making the Mafia the lead supplier of illegal drugs. “The Mafia’s extensive network, organized in a fashion similar to an American corporation, provided a means for smuggling drugs into the country through ports (and later through terminals), where it controlled many of the operations” (Mazzeno, 2011). The Mafia came up with an efficient…...