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The University in Chains

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The book “The University in Chains: Confronting the Military, Industrial and Academic Complex discusses how democracy is disappearing on university campuses across America and the rise of “ideologies and practices in militarization, corporatism and political fundamentalism” (1) is taking its place. The author gives many possible directions for hope but still his writings lack possible more in depth directions to stop this growing trend. The author defends this with discussing how this type of logic is exactly what he is fighting against. Pre-written instructions that society has become so used to that it doesn’t know what direction to go when faced with difficulty and if it wasn’t taught that way then don’t do it that way. Democracy is something we hear more and more since the beginning of the Iraq war up to the next presidential election. But one question this book asks and as scholars we must ask ourselves, “Is our society, in all aspects, really democratic?” In the first essay of the book Giroux discusses how universities have become bedfellows with the American war machine. Giving the reader a raw look at how far universities have become militarized. The beginnings can be traced back to the post-WWII years. Giroux argues that even though it has been at least 50 years since this invasion of militarism into universities, since 911 this militarism has spread beyond the walls of the university into mainstream society. The concept of militarism is the dominance of the military over the state or the broader culture, militarization is more fundamental and pervasive part of a basic military philosophy and its underlying assumptions. The author contends that the two meanings are becoming one and is now used as solutions for everything from “drugs, crime, homelessness, obesity, poverty and a number of other social problems” (32). Giroux writes of how it has...

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