The Use of Electricity and Magnetism in Everyday Life

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Jamie Sivertsen
Physics 2
Instructor Eugine De Silva
March 25, 2012
Project #1
The Use of Electricity and Magnetism in Future Transportation
The dependence of our society on electricity is extremely obvious, but
at the same time its easy to forget how dependent we actually are on it. Electricity plays a huge role in modern society that we do not even think about it. We take advantage of all the appliances at home and at the office, all the technologies we use to communicate, all heating, air-conditioning, lighting, and many modes of transportation that use electricity. But they would not if there was no electricity. Electricity plays a huge part in our everyday life and is going to change the future especially when it comes to transportation.
The main idea of future of transportation is to reduce emissions and the amount of people in individual vehicles. A major concern is the use of our fossil fuels, and the damaging gasses that are released during the combustion of these fuels in our vehicles. Researchers for years have been coming up with ideas to reduce the carbon footprints of these things. Energy experts and historians of energy agree that as societies advance, they need more and more concentrated, intense forms of energy, like rocket fuel instead of gasoline. Transportation will be pollution-free and versatile. “of the several converging trends for getting around, “ultracapacitors” are being developed for electric cars to completely replace batteries. They have lighter weight and ten times the energy density of lead-acid batteries. In the future energy portfolio, another surprising development is the permanent magnet powered motors, which are an emerging trend bound to come to market. A number of developments, such as the Spiral Wankel Magnetic Motor and other different designs, all point to the use of the “magnetic gradient” in the…...