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The Utilization of the 5s Management

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The utilization of the 5S management method was perceived to have improved the quality of healthcare services in a resource-poor facility in Senegal. In addition, the enhancement of the work environment by the application of the 5S management procedure was observed to have motivated staff in a healthcare facility where support constraints and other demotivating factors prevail. Although our outcomes cannot be generalized to other health facilities, they provide a viewpoint for assessing the applicability of the 5S management method, particularly to government healthcare facilities in resource-poor settings where a disorderly work environment serves as a potential bottleneck in providing sufficient healthcare services. Quantitative and qualitative research based on a larger-scale intervention would be needed to elaborate and validate these findings as well as to identify the cost-effectiveness of their integration into health systems’ management procedures. The findings of the research can then be used to develop and present policy options, particularly to government health authorities in low- and middle-income countries and representatives of donor agencies that provide support in such areas.
1. Implementation of 5S management method for lean healthcare at a health center in Senegal: a qualitative study of staff perception. (7 April 2015) by Shogo Kanamori.
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4. Ho SK, Cicmil S, Fung CK. The Japanese 5-S practice and TQM training. Train...

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