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The Walt Disney Company: the Entertainment King

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The Walt Disney Company: The Entertainment King
“Adults are just grown up kids”. With those words, Walt Disney summarized what his empire would be, what it would give to the world. Far from only being a cartoon drawer, Mickey Mouse creator had a broader vision on how to entertain everyone, kids and parents, boys and girls. Committed and exigent, not only Walt Disney created a successful company, but also set the rules for the entire industry.
Disney corporation is a multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate founded in 1923 by Walt and Roy O. Disney, as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. At the earlier stage of its life, the company would focus on story writing, character creating and cartoon drawing. But as it got more and more recognized, the firm started its way to be one of the biggest company in the world.
Overviewing Disney’s businesses, it’s not complicated to understand how the company wants to monitor the entertainment industry as a whole. Not only Disney operates on different movie production related markets, but it also extends ad confirm his famousness through businesses that may appear disconnected. The risky bet Disney has made over its history belongs to the firm’s traditional strategy.
The creation of a strong sustainable brand has passed through a lot of creativity and the sharing of ideas, as well as their management. When Disney competes in a singular and exigent industry within a global environment, the firms has developed tools and strength to stay at the frontline. Significant moves can be expected from it when other industries intervene in its hegemony.
This paper aims to analyze Disney’s activities in their environment. It will also examine its internal environment characteristics, to understand its strategy and competitive advantages. Recommendations for the firm to move forward will be finally provided. I. The entertainment…...

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Disney Positioning capable enough to work on this report and providing me information about Disney, its history and SWOT analysis. Without his complete guidance and support I would not have been able to complete this endeavor. This Case Analysis contains all the relevant material required as per instruction & it provides detailed information on the Topic. I hope this report meets his expectations. 2 Introduction I am appointed by World Disney as a consultant to recommend marketing strategies for the year 2005. In this report I have discussed the History of the organization, SWOT analysis, strategic marketing goals, consumer behavior, targeting, positioning, product, pricing, channel, and promotional strategies followed by the recommendations. 3 History of the case Walt Disney was established in early 1920s by two brothers Walt and Roy Disney. Disney created its first character Mickey Mouse in 1923. Walt wanted to call his creation Mortimer but his wife suggested that Mickey Mouse was better. In 1937 Disney made its first feature-length musical animation “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Over the years Disney has come up with many cartoon movies which have been great hits like Peter Pan, Cinderella, Lion King etc. The Walt Disney Company is now a $27 billion global entertainment giant. It has moved from animation to merchandises and theme parks. Disney has fun experience and simple entertainment for all the family members. It has leveraged its brand across different......

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