The Walt Disney Corporation

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The Walt Disney Corporation


The Walt Disney Corporation has been around for many years bringing a lot of different kinds of entertainment to every member of your family around the entire world. Walt Disney is one of the largest entertainment and media conglomerates. We have four key businesses with in our company: Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Media Network, and Consumer Products.

Product Lines

Studio Entertainment- Disney Company produces a variety of movies, television programs, musical recordings and even live stage plays. Our company has banners in the theatrical, home video and television distribution of Disney’s film and television library; includes in Walt Disney Pictures, Buena Vista, Miramax, and Touchstone.

Media Network- Disney Company media network is made up of two categories; Broadcasting and Cable Network. The broadcasting units include the ABC Network. Our television networks include; Disney Channel, ESPN-branded cable networks, Disney Channel International, incentives in E! Entertainment and Lifetime and start-up cable processes in Soap Net and Toon Disney.
Parks and Resorts- Our parks and resorts are the most popular ones in the world, from Walt Disney World in FL, Disneyland Park and a couple hotels in CA, and the Disney Cruise Line based out of Florida. Our company generates management fees on profits from Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland.

Consumer Products- This part of our corporation licenses the characters of our company
to consumer manufacturers, retailers and publishers around the world. Our company works
with the direct retail using The Disney Stores and we produce books and magazines in the
United States and Europe. For the educational marketplace, Disney started producing audio and
computer software products, video, film, and computer software.


Walt Disney has…...