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The Walt Disney Co.: The Entertainment King
Marta Aparici Hornero
Business Strategy MG530

1. Why has Disney been successful for so long?

Nowadays, the small animation studio which was created in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney has been converted in one of the biggest Companies in the entertainment field. With a $30.000 million annual income. The Walt Disney Company manages eighteen theme parks, thirty-nine hotels, eight cinematographic studios, and eleven TV channels.

Walt Disney pictures, the most important cinematographic studio, continues producing animated feature film, in a pretty fast pace. In May 2006, The Walt Disney Company acquired the animations studios Pixar. Although Pixar movies achieved a greater success, Walt Disney was the pioneer to animations in creating irreplaceable characters, which became extremely popular among children and adults.

Its creativity was unreachable by anyone; they had a talent that nobody could approach. But not only Walt Disney was creative, also Roy Disney had a business talent, he handled money pretty good. Both of their skills and knowledge guided them to what the world wanted to see, to hear, to imagine at that time. Walt always wanted emphasized teamwork, communication, and cooperation.

For example, when Walt learnt that his distributor owned the copyright of the Oswald franchise. Instead of fighting for it, and wasting time and money they decided to create a new character, Mickey Mouse. After creating him, to attract distributors they added synchronized sound, something that had never attempted in a cartoon. In my opinion they were an innovative couple, which started to be successful early.

Disney has remained successful for so long essentially for two reasons; quality and type of product it created and the firm’s successful and thoughtful organization of its creative content and resource.