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The four contemporary approaches to management are sociotechnical systems theory, quantitative management, organizational management, and systems theory. Sociotechnical systems theory suggest that employees are more productive when the have the right tools and training. Quantitative management is a theory the states that the organizations quality can be formulated through equations, although this approach is not relied on by most managers. Organizational management is when a manager does certain activities to promote employee work. System theory is the contemporary approach that focuses on the relationship between the public and the organization
All of these are important approaches to management, although I believe the most important is systems theory. System theory is stating that an organization changes inputs into outputs, also it emphasizes on how the organization is a subsystem and system to other subsystems and systems; for example: Walmart → departments → employees. The reason I believe this is more important than the others is because it focus’ on the relationship between the consumer and organization.
The reason I do not believe sociotechnical isn’t the most important is because even though the employees are well trained and have the right tools, does not necessarily mean that the employees will act right when they fall into a hard situation. I find that quantitative management could be flawed through the equations and formulas. Organization management can fail because without the consumer being happy you do not have any growth. Yes, the employees matter, although as it is always said “the customer is always right”. Although activities may promote the employees hard work, if the customer is not happy, you don’t have a customer at...

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