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What is Electronic Commerce?
* The exchange of commodities, buying and selling, of products and services requiring transportation, from location to location is known as commerce.
* From a communications perspective, e-commerce is the delivery of information, products/services or payments via telephone lines, Fax, computer networks or any other means.
What is Electronic Commerce? * From an online perspective, e-commerce provides the capability of buying and selling * It refers to a wide range of online business activities for products and services. * Any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact.
Difference between E-Commerce & E-Business * Electronic commerce or "e-Commerce" * E-commerce covers online processes that touch customers, suppliers and external partners, including sales, marketing, order taking, delivery, customer service, purchasing of raw materials and supplies for production. * More sophisticated system such as flight and hotel reservation system. Difference between E-Commerce & E-Business e-Commerce breaks into two components:
Online Shopping - the scope of information and activities that provides the customer with the information they need to conduct business with you and make an informed buying decision.
Online Purchasing - the technology infrastructure for the exchange of data and the purchase of a product over the Internet. Online purchasing is a metaphor used in business-to-business e-Commerce for providing customers with an online method of placing an order, submitting a purchase order, or requesting a quotation. e-Business -is a super-set of e-Commerce.
- includes e-commerce but also covers internal processes such as production, inventory management, product...

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Ramcharitra in the most beautiful way. The language of the book is avadhi. We are told in it first the reasons for the birth of lord Rama. On the insistence of various gods and goddesses. He came on the earth in the form of a human being to relieve the pain and suffering of the virtuous. This book is divided into various parts. Every part deals with a particular aspect of life or performance of Lord Rama. Every Indian likes to hear the famous story of Ramcharitra Manas. Some have great faith in it. But my reasons for liking it are quite different. I have found in it, religious, political and social wisdom. It enlightens as well entertains. Indeed, it is a true treasure-house of rare wisdom. I will give here only some of the reasons which have made this book my favourite. In Hindi Literature it stands at the top. Tulsi Dass Ji has treated all the 'Ras' in it. This is simple. The beauty lies in the fact, that he has not crossed the limit at any stage. The 'Shringar Ras' which makes the poetry romantic, has been used with rare skill. The similes and metaphors stand unparalleled at their own places. The literary Pandits maintain that not a single word of a single line can be replaced by any other word. The superiority of the composition of the book is reflected in this statement. Hindus accept it as a great religious book. It lays down the rules of conduct...

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